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Farmer Growing

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PostSubject: Share You Know   Share You Know Icon_minitimeSun Nov 28, 2010 6:58 pm

Harvest Moon Island of Happiness

ID Code for Island of Happiness

All items in rucksack are S rank

C0000000 00000023
020FB29C 00C8C8C8
DC000000 0000000C
D2000000 00000000
Weather Mod

220FB1CC 0000000X

0: Very Sunny
1: Sunny
2: Cloudy
3: Very Rainy
4: Rainy
5: Snowing
6: Vicious Storm (can't leave your house)
7: Vicious Snow Storm (can't leave your house)
Max Money
020FB218 3B9ACA00
Infinite Stamina
020FB20C 00640064
Infinite Fullness
020FB210 00000064
Max Affection (Animals)

Animal #1
221051CD 00000064

Animal #2
22105211 00000064

Animal #3
22105255 00000064

Animal #4
22105299 00000064

Animal #5
221052DD 00000064

Animal #6
22105321 00000064

Animal #7
22105365 00000064

Animal #8
221053A9 00000064
Time mods

Rewind Hours


94000130 FDFB0000
74000100 FF00000C
D9000000 020FB1C8
D6000000 020FB1C8
D2000000 00000000

Advance Hours


94000130 FEFB0000
74000100 FF00000C
D9000000 020FB1C8
D4000000 00000001
D6000000 020FB1C8
D2000000 00000000
Freezing Time Code

a4000130 fffb0000
220fb1c9 00000000
d2000000 00000000
Fullness Code

Max Fullness
220fb20e 000000fa

Infinite Fullness
220fb210 000000fa
Increase Speed of Time

720fb1c8 ffcd0032
52107c2c 00400044
220fb1c9 0000003b
d2000000 00000000
Item Hex Code

020FB29C 00C8C8C8

NB: YYYY = Item , XXXX = Quantity

0000 Sickle
0001 Hoe
0002 Axe
0003 Hammer
0004 Watering Can
0005 Fishing Rod
0006 Brush
0007 Milker
0008 Clipper
0009 Bell
000A Animal Medicine
000B Cow Miracle Potion
000C Sheep Miracle Potion
000D Turnip Seeds (Spring)
000E Potato Seeds (Spring)
000F Cucumber Seeds (Spring)
0010 Strawberry Seeds (Spring)
0011 Cabbage Seeds (Spring)
0012 Tomato Seeds (Summer)
0013 Corn Seeds (Summer)
0014 Onion Seeds (Summer)
0015 Pumpkin Seeds (Summer)
0016 Pineapple Seeds (Summer)
0017 Eggplant Seeds (Fall)
0018 Carrot Seeds (Fall)
0019 Yam Seeds (Fall)
001A Spinach Seeds (Fall)
001B Bell Pepper Seeds (Fall)
001C Peach Seeds (all seasons)
001D Banana Seeds (all seasons)
001E Orange Seeds (all seasons)
001F Apple Seeds (all seasons)
0020 Grape Seeds (all seasons)
0021 Shiitake Seeds (all seasons)
0022 Toadstool Seeds (all seasons)
0023 Matsutake Seeds (all seasons)
0024 Grass Seeds (all but Winter)
0025 Rice Seeds (all but Winter)
0026 Wheat Seeds (all but Winter)
0027 Soybean Seeds (Summer, Fall)
0028 Buckwheat Seeds (Summer, Fall)
0029 Teleport Stone
002A Turnip
002B Potato
002C Cucumber
002D Strawberry
002E Cabbage
002F Tomato
0030 Corn
0031 Onion
0032 Pumpkin
0033 Pineapple
0034 Eggplant
0035 Carrot
0036 Yam
0037 Spinach
0038 Bell Pepper
0039 Peach
003A Banana
003B Orange
003C Apple
003D Grape
003E Shiitake
003F Toadstool (all seasons)
0040 Matsutake
0041 Rice
0042 Wheat
0043 Soybean
0044 Buckwheat
0045 Edamame
0046 Seaweed
0047 Rice Flour
0048 Wheat Flour
0049 Soybean Flour
004A Buckwheat Flour
004B Bread Crumbs
004C Sweet Rice Flour
004D Egg
004E Mayonnaise
004F Milk
0050 Cheese
0051 Yogurt
0052 Butter
0053 Blue Grass
0054 Green Grass
0055 Red Grass
0056 Yellow Grass
0057 Orange Grass
0058 Purple Grass
0059 Indigo Grass
005A Black Grass
005B White Grass
005C Fish (S)
005D Fish (M)
005E Fish (L)
005F Rice Cake
0060 Oil
0061 Curry Powder
0062 Chocolate
0063 Salad
0064 Pickled Turnip
0065 Mashed Potatoes
0066 Pickled Cucumber
0067 Onion Salad
0068 Boiled Spinach
0069 Tomato Salad
006A Insalata di Caprese
006B Herb Salad
006C Spaghetti Salad
006D Gazpacho
006E Corn Soup
006F Onion Soup
0070 Pumpkin Soup
0071 Egg Soup
0072 Soy Milk
0073 Miso Soup
0074 Herb Soup
0075 Spaghetti Soup
0076 Tomato Juice
0077 Pineapple Juice
0078 Peach Juice
0079 Banana Juice
007A Orange Juice
007B Apple Juice
007C Grape Juice
007D Grape Punch
007E Carrot Juice
007F Lassi
0080 Fruit Juice
0081 Vegetable Juice
0082 Mixed Juice
0083 Fruit Smoothie
0084 Vegetable Smoothie
0085 Mixed Smoothie
0086 Strawberry Milk
0087 Relax Tea
0088 Hot Milk
0089 Hot Chocolate
008A Steamed Turnip
008B French Fries
008C Braised Potato
008D Stuffed Cabbage
008E Roasted Corn
008F Popcorn
0090 Corn Flakes
0091 Cooked Pumpkin
0092 Miso Eggplant
0093 Grilled Eggplant
0094 Baked Yam
0095 Boiled Egg
0096 Spa-Boiled Egg
0097 Fried Egg
0098 Steamed Egg Custard
0099 Sashimi
009A Fish Sticks
009B Grilled Mushrooms
009C Foiled Mushroom
009D Mountain Stew
009E Stir-Fried Veggies
009F Chop Suey
00A0 Sandwich
00A1 Fruit Sandwich
00A2 Raisin Bread
00A3 Jam Bread
00A4 Curry Bread
00A5 Toast
00A6 French Toast
00A7 Steamed Bread
00A8 Dinner Roll
00A9 Croquette
00AA Cream Croquette
00AB Chinese Dumpling
00AC Curry Bun
00AD Pot Sticker
00AE Stew
00AF Tempura
00B0 Buckwheat Chips
00B1 Buckwheat Ball
00B2 Chinese Bun
00B3 Seaweed Paste
00B4 Spring Roll
00B5 Tofu
00B6 Natto
00B7 Okara
00B8 Deep-Fried Tofu
00B9 Fried Tofu Dumplings
00BA Freeze-Dried Tofu
00BB Boiled Tofu
00BC Cold Tofu
00BD Dried Bean Curd
00BE Mix Natto
00BF Fish Natto
00C0 Dairy Natto
00C1 Gem Natto
00C2 Mochi Mix Natto
00C3 Red Flower Mix Natto
00C4 Omelet
00C5 Omelet Rice
00C6 Fried Egg Over Rice
00C7 Egg Over Rice
00C8 Cheese Fondue
00C9 Gratin
00CA Pizza
00CB Sushi
00CC Sushi Over Rice
00CD Grilled Fish
00CE Boiled Fish
00CF Fish Meuniere
00D0 Carpaccio
00D1 Marinated Fish
00D2 Rice Ball
00D3 Bread
00D4 Toasted Rice Ball
00D5 Rice Soup
00D6 Porridge
00D7 Fried Rice
00D8 Risotto
00D9 Doria
00DA Rice and Beans
00DB Yam Rice
00DC Mixed Rice
00DD Mushroom Rice
00DE Matsutake Rice
00DF Tempura Rice
00E0 Tofu Sushi
00E1 Dry Curry
00E2 Curry Rice
00E3 Blue Curry
00E4 Green Curry
00E5 Red Curry
00E6 Yellow Curry
00E7 Orange Curry
00E8 Purple Curry
00E9 Indigo Curry
00EA Black Curry
00EB White Curry
00EC Rainbow Curry
00ED Ultimate Curry
00EE Finest Curry
00EF Savory Pancake
00F0 Noodles
00F1 Curry Noodles
00F2 Tempura Noodles
00F3 Fried Thick Noodles
00F4 Buckwheat Noodles
00F5 Tempura Soba
00F6 Fried Noodles
00F7 Spaghetti
00F8 Tofu Steak
00F9 Fried Rice Noodles
00FA Yam Pudding
00FB Pumpkin Pudding
00FC Baked Banana
00FD Chocolate Banana
00FE Candied Potato
00FF Sweet Yam Dumpling
0100 Baked Apple
0101 Apple Pie
0102 Pineapple Pie
0103 Strawberry Rice Cake
0104 Sponge Cake
0105 Pudding
0106 Cheesecake
0107 Pancake
0108 Donut
0109 Cookie
010A Chocolate Cookie
010B Ice Cream
010C Cake
010D Steamed Cake
010E Chocolate Cake
010F Buckwheat Dumpling
0110 Roasted Rice Cake
0111 Soybean Rice Cake
0112 Green Dumplings
0113 Bamboo Dumplings
0114 Fruit Dumpling
0115 Chocolate Fondue
0116 Cookied Rice
0117 Strawberry Jam
0118 Apple Jam
0119 Grape Jam
011A Marmalade
011B Ketchup
011C Miso
011D Eli Leaves
011E Relax Tea Leaf
011F Bodigizer
0120 Bodigizer XL
0121 Hungerizer
0122 Hungerizer XL
0123 Failed Dish
0124 Raw Rice
0125 Raw Wheat
0126 Raw Buckwheat
0127 Raw Soybeans
0128 Moon Drop
0129 Pinkcat Flower
012A Blue Magic Flower
012B Red Magic Flower
012C Toy Flower
012D Wool
012E Yarn
012F Junk Ore
0130 Copper
0131 Silver
0132 Gold
0133 Mystrile
0134 Orichalc
0135 Adamantite
0136 Moon Stone
0137 Sand Rose
0138 Pink Diamond
0139 Alexandrite
013A Alexandrite
013B Mythic Stone
013C Diamond
013D Emerald
013E Ruby
013F Topaz
0140 Peridot
0141 Flourite
0142 Agate
0143 Amethyst
0144 The Spring Sun
0145 The Summer Sun
0146 The Fall Sun
0147 The Winter sun (the lowercase "s" is a typo Natsume made)
0148 Weeds (traditional weed-look)
0149 Weeds (dandelion look)
014A Stone
014B Branch
014C Lumber
014D Material Stone
014E Gold Lumber
014F Lithograph
0150 Bottle
0151 Pirate Treasure
0152 Fossil of Fish
0153 Empty Can
0154 Boot
0155 Fish Bones
0156 Fodder
0157 Bird Feed (bag image)
0158 Bird Feed (bird feed image)
0159 Pet Food (bag image)
015A Pet Food (pet food image)
015B 10,000G Ticket
015C 1,000,000G Ticket
015D Blue Feather
015E Blue Wonderful
015F Green Wonderful
0160 Red Wonderful
0161 Yellow Wonderful
0162 Orange Wonderful
0163 Purple Wonderful
0164 Indigo Wonderful
0165 Pedometer
0166 Godhand
0167 H. Goddess Earrings (S)
0168 H. Goddess Earrings (M)
0169 H. Goddess Earrings (L)
016A Kappa Earrings (S)
016B Kappa Earrings (M)
016C Kappa Earrings (L)
016D Witch P. Earrings (S)
016E Witch P. Earrings (M)
016F Witch P. Earrings (L)
0170 Friendship Pendant (S)
0171 Friendship Pendant (M)
0172 Friendship Pendant (B)
0173 Turbo Shoes
0174 Time Slowing Ring
0175 Time Quickening Ring
0176 H. Goddess Pendant (S)
0177 H. Goddess Pendant (M)
0178 H. Goddess Pendant (B)
0179 Kappa Pendant (S)
017A Kappa Pendant (M)
017B Kappa Pendant (B)
017C Witch P. Pendant (S)
017D Witch P. Pendant (M)
017E Witch P. Pendant (B)

Max affection almost people in island

12104CEE 0000FFFF
12104CFA 0000FFFF
12104D06 0000FFFF
12104D12 0000FFFF
12104D1E 0000FFFF
12104D2A 0000FFFF
12104D36 0000FFFF
12104D42 0000FFFF
12104D4E 0000FFFF
12104D5A 0000FFFF
12104D66 0000FFFF
12104D72 0000FFFF
12104D7E 0000FFFF
12104D8A 0000FFFF
12104D96 0000FFFF
12104DA2 0000FFFF
12104DAE 0000FFFF
12104DBA 0000FFFF
12104DC6 0000FFFF
12104DD2 0000FFFF
12104DDE 0000FFFF
12104DEA 0000FFFF
12104DF6 0000FFFF
12104E02 0000FFFF
12104E0E 0000FFFF
12104E1A 0000FFFF
12104E26 0000FFFF
12104E32 0000FFFF
12104E3E 0000FFFF
12104E4A 0000FFFF
12104E56 0000FFFF
12104E62 0000FFFF
12104E6E 0000FFFF
12104E7A 0000FFFF
12104E86 0000FFFF
12104E92 0000FFFF
12104E9E 0000FFFF
12104EAA 0000FFFF
12104EB6 0000FFFF
12104EC2 0000FFFF
12104ECE 0000FFFF
12104EDA 0000FFFF
12104EE6 0000FFFF
12104EF2 0000FFFF
12104EFE 0000FFFF
12104F0A 0000FFFF
12104F16 0000FFFF
12104F22 0000FFFF
12104F2E 0000FFFF
12104F3A 0000FFFF
12104F46 0000FFFF
12104F52 0000FFFF
12104F5E 0000FFFF
12104F6A 0000FFFF
12104F76 0000FFFF
12104F82 0000FFFF
12104F8E 0000FFFF
12104F9A 0000FFFF
12104FA6 0000FFFF
12104FB2 0000FFFF
12104FBE 0000FFFF
12104FCA 0000FFFF
12104FD6 0000FFFF
12104FE2 0000FFFF
12104FEE 0000FFFF
12104FFA 0000FFFF
12105006 0000FFFF
12105012 0000FFFF
1210501E 0000FFFF
1210502A 0000FFFF
12105036 0000FFFF
12105042 0000FFFF
1210504E 0000FFFF
1210505A 0000FFFF
12105066 0000FFFF
12105072 0000FFFF
1210507E 0000FFFF
1210508A 0000FFFF
12105096 0000FFFF
121050A2 0000FFFF
121050AE 0000FFFF
121050BA 0000FFFF
121050C6 0000FFFF
121050D2 0000FFFF
121050DE 0000FFFF
121050EA 0000FFFF
121050F6 0000FFFF
12105102 0000FFFF
1210510E 0000FFFF
1210511A 0000FFFF
12105126 0000FFFF
12105132 0000FFFF
1210513E 0000FFFF
1210514A 0000FFFF
12105156 0000FFFF
12105162 0000FFFF
1210516E 0000FFFF
1210517A 0000FFFF
12105186 0000FFFF
12105192 0000FFFF
1210519E 0000FFFF
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Farmer Growing

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PostSubject: Re: Share You Know   Share You Know Icon_minitimeSun Nov 28, 2010 7:06 pm

Unlockable Characters

Unlockable Main Characters to complete your residential list :

Vaughn = Automatically appears on Spring 16.

Denny = Catch at least 50 things (fish, boots, etc.) when fishing, and have E.Town unlocked.

Shea = Hire Gannon to build the bridge from E.Town to the Jungle.

Pierre = Upgrade your house to medium size, have 20 to 25 sub-villagers, then give food items to the upgraded Diner and/or Cafe. Once you have learned 5 cooking recipes he should move in.

Mark or Chelsea = Unlock all of the areas by building the 3 bridges, unlock all of the main villagers with the mineral town visitors , have the 7 Harvest Sprites unlocked, and have the Hotel in E.Town expanded.

Julia = Around Spring 12 when Mirabelle arrives to the island and sets up shop.

Lanna = Unlock E.Town (around Spring 11) and catch 70 or more items while fishing (fish, Empty Cans, etc.)

Sabrina = Ship 20 or more items found in the Mine

W. Princess = Have Gannon build the bridge between W.Town and the Forest.

Chen And Charlie = The 2nd day of your game

Gannon = Automatically moves in around Spring 11

Eliza = Moves in after Gannon has move in

Nathan and Alisa = Unlock the Forest by asking Gannon to build the bridge from W.Town to the Forest. Once that is completed, toss a favorable gift into the Goddess' pond for a few days.

Mirabelle = Automatically moves in around Spring 12.

Regis = Comes with Sabrina

Wada = Hire Gannon to build the bridge that leads to the Jungle. You will meet Shea and Wada the first time you visit the area.

H. Goddess = Toss A gift to the spring

Cliff = comes after year 3

Lyle = You can unlock him after you get up to 1,000,000 G, It has to be EXACT! No over or under.
P.S: He comes the next day after you reach it.

Melanie = After you unlock all the characters.

Unknown Name = After you get married, 5 years later shes gives birth to another child.

Tebo = Upgrade all your tools and get 500,000 G

Tebo's Mom = Sheila Upgrade all your tools and get 500,000 G

Karen And Popuri = Upgrade Your Island Hotel By Getting 30 Or More Sub-Villagers And Unlock All 7 Harvest Sprites. They Will Come On The 1st Or 2nd Of Fall And Stay Until Spring

Dr.Trent = Upgrade Your Island Hotel By Getting 30 Or More Sub-Villagers, And Unlock All 7 Harvest Sprites. He Will Arrive On The 1st Or 2nd Of Summer And Stay Until Fall

Jean = Get Pierre And Natalie Married And Wait 90 Days After You Trigger The Pregnancy Event

Emma = Get Vaughn And Sabrina Married And Wait 90 Days After You Trigger The Pregnancy Event

Kelly = Get Elliot And Julia Married And Wait 90 Days After You Trigger The Pregnancy Event

Ross = Get Denny And Lanna Married And Wait 90 Days After You Trigger The Pregnancy Event

Your Child = Get Married, Have A Childs Bed And Extra Large House. Wait 30 Days And The Female Part Of The Marriage Will Feel Sick And Dr. Trent Will Tell The Female That She Is Pregnant Wait 60 More Days And The Birth Event Will Occur.
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Farmer Growing

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PostSubject: Re: Share You Know   Share You Know Icon_minitimeTue Jan 11, 2011 8:07 am

Marriage req : have all villagers ( except MT visitors ) and church has been expanded.
i guess....... Senang
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Kalih Baldry
Farmer Was Born
Kalih Baldry

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PostSubject: Re: Share You Know   Share You Know Icon_minitimeMon Jan 17, 2011 12:05 am

For Money Cheat, you can use Cheat Engine...
Step 1, Open Process and choose 'your emulator'
Step 2, Choose 4 bytes and text in your Money and Click First Scan
Step 3, Minimize your Cheat Engine, and buy something on your Harvest Moon
Step 4, Text in your money again after you haved buy something and then click Next Scan
Step 5, It Should found 1 Address, click on the address and change the value to how much money do u want...
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Farmer Growing

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PostSubject: Re: Share You Know   Share You Know Icon_minitimeWed Jan 19, 2011 4:30 pm

kyk di plant vs zombie aja Senang
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Farmer Growing

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Age : 27
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PostSubject: Re: Share You Know   Share You Know Icon_minitimeThu Jun 09, 2011 7:02 pm

hehehe.... kk minta link download rom harvest moon island of happiness donk.... punya saya semua game harvest moon kehapus... karena fd saya kena virus... Sad
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Farmer Was Born

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PostSubject: Re: Share You Know   Share You Know Icon_minitimeThu Jun 16, 2011 10:40 pm

hm island of happiness = [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
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PostSubject: Re: Share You Know   Share You Know Icon_minitime

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Share You Know
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